Ruff Ruff Poop Bags® was created by managers for managers. We were sick of the high & volatile prices, poor customer service, slow delivery, lack of personal service, and all the hassles that came with filling up those dispensers. Did we mention how annoying it is to always have empty dispensers? We know this world. We know the struggles. That’s why we created Ruff Ruff. Created by managers, for managers.

Ruff Ruff Poop Bags® has been serving community parks for over 30 years. We’ve been in your role: placing the orders and filling the dispensers so we know the issues you face. That’s why we guarantee our services will surpass the rest. We offer:

  • Lowest prices – not convinced? Show us your price and we will beat it by 10%
  • Customer service – we believe in personal services. Our team is here to support and supply your dog bag needs. In some areas we offer same day drop off/Will Call
  • Additional Tools – decrease your nightmares: Lost keys, empty dispensers, mangled/open boxes, numerous trips to reload bags at various locations in one park.

Ruff Ruff Poop Bags® – a brand of durable quality dog bags with the most popular sizes & types sold in the USA.

We are just like you. We know the demands of homeowners, tenants, and staff that either need a poop bag or need to restock the dispensers. 

Ruff Ruff Poop Bags will fit in all dispensers that are currently being used at your local parks, common areas, walkways and other areas around the community. 

You purchase Ruff Ruff Poop Bags® directly on this website www.ruffruffpoopbags.com after creating an account.  Takes less than 2 minutes to set up and complete your order. 

Ruff Ruff Poop Bags® ship from our distribution warehouse in California. 
Ruff Ruff is open to being a part of all ways to be sure we can adequately supply items for you: AVID, OPS, Compliance Depot, etc. 
Let us know what your management, ownership or community requirements are and we are open to supporting your processes at no extra cost to you. 

Yes! And Free Shipping with that. Simply choose from every 1, 2 or 3 month delivery option. Your order will automatically ship and you will never run out of dog poop bags again. Login and change your schedule or cancel anytime. Please be sure to do so before your ship date as we cannot provide refunds or changes once your product has been shipped.