Our Story

We were just like you once. Community, Maintenance, Operation Managers and Contractors alike. We ordered, stocked, restocked & restocked again poop bags at parks, communities and other common areas for the last 20 years.

We feel your pain shopping around trying to find the cheapest prices. The limited customer service you receive when you need it the most. The constant complaints from your team when having to cart around hundreds of poop bags in weak boxes, losing product and wasting time on filling up the dispensers. Oh, and losing keys to these dispensers. The worst!

The headaches you endure having to deal with all of these issues (plus more), we have been there too. That is why we created Ruff Ruff Poop Bags. We wanted quality products, at affordable prices, with a more efficient approach.

We have always been pet lovers, just like your homeowners and park-goers do. So we took inspiration from three special dogs in our lives.

Bullet- our family German Shepherd (pictured above),

Zoey- our Golden Doodle niece (pictured left), and

Tuna- our bestie’s travelling English Bulldog (pictured below).

3 pups, living in different parts of the world, all with the same need for their owners, poop bags!

So that is what we did! We created Ruff Ruff Poop Bags, a wholesale company supplying Dog Poop Bags – Durable quality at reasonable prices, plus tools that make your life as managers/janitors/landscapers much easier! Making sure the homeowner or tenants always have what they need while walking their most lovable pooches.

Our poop bags are the most competitive on the market.

Get a quote today to find out how you can receive the same (if not better) quality product you are already using at a cheaper price, plus our outstanding customer service.

We are here for you. And Bullet, Zoey & Tuna are too! (Ruff Ruff).